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Do you know what the pain or discomfort in your body is trying to tell you?

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It is the intention of Unshakable Roots, to work with you to look past the surface level symptoms and start uncovering the roots of the deeper unresolved issues. It is our belief that most health issues have an emotional and sometimes spiritual root cause.    

In today’s fast paced, rat race, sleep when we're dead type mentality society, we are so quick to ignore our bodies when they are trying to tell us something is amiss. We live in a band-aid, quick fix world.  If we have a headache, we take a pill.  If we have muscle pain, we take a pill.  If we have heartburn, stomach ache, stress, anxiety, whatever it is...we take a pill. When the over the counter pills don’t seem to be working, and the symptoms seem to be getting worse only then will some finally decide to go to the doctor. The doctor will then look at the list of symptoms, run a few tests and the majority of the time these days will write a prescription guessed it. A pill. Sometimes the pills seem to relieve the symptoms and we think that we are fixed, that we have 'healed' whatever it was that was bothering us.  How often is this actually the case though?

How many times do we ever stop to really ask...WHY?  Why did I have headaches, why wasn’t I sleeping, why have I stubbed my toe three times in one week?  What a lot of us fail to recognize, as the messages can be very subtle, but when our lives are out of balance the universe and our bodies do their best to communicate that something needs to change. We are unfortunately so busy being caught up in the trivial stresses of day to day life, we choose to ignore these messages or write them off as just a nuisance. We want the thing that is trying to slow us down to just go away so that we can keep sprinting towards whatever goal we have decided is more important than our own well being.  

Eventually, when we ignore our inner knowing long enough, it will do whatever it takes to get our attention that something needs to change. Unshakable Roots is here to help you tune in and understand what your body is telling you; from the root cause. Mind, body, soul.

Unshakable roots

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