I accomplished more in one session with Tami, than I did in a full two months of traditional therapy.  Thank  you so much!

-Amber, AZ

Tami is extremely motivating and driven. She provides a safe environment for healing to occur. She is intuitively connected and full of uplifting energy. She was able to create a comfortable space for me to have powerful and empowering sessions for some deep healing

-Heather, AZ

Tami has the unique ability to see past your story, your excuses and your b.s. and help you to make real change and genuinely heal from the root of your issues. Her intuition is spot on. I highly recommend working with her. 

-Healing from the heart, AZ

11AM - 7PM M-F   



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Unshakable roots

Heal as you go, mind body and soul

I felt like I was truly heard and respected with no judgement for the things that I shared. I felt very safe and it allowed me to open up to topics that really hurt to talk about but needed to in order to move forward with my life. 

-Anonymous, AZ

Vision and Mission Statements:

My vision is to empower and inspire humanity to think for themselves, seek 

education and awareness, so we can live healthier, happier lives - 'rooted' in

self-love and self-worth. 

​I provide healing light for those in need, by believing in myself. By believing in myself, I AM fully able to believe in others. To believe is to be and to 'be' is BEaUtiful.

Tami Sharp - Founder

The above picture is a perfect example of life. Just when you think you know what you are doing, life will take you by surprise with a rogue wave completely catching you off guard. In the midst of the uncertainty, it can seem overwhelming and scary. Yet on the other side of the chaos you will find a new, more authentic version of your souls truth. ` Then you can begin to truly live and appreciate this gift we call life.

Tami Sharp is a Certified Lifestyle Priorities Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapy Practitioner, specializing in Mind-Body Wellness and Integrative Holistic Healing.  She is the founder and creator of Unshakable Roots, where she works one-on-one and in group settings with clients seeking their own answers into the dis-ease, discomfort and unhappiness in their lives.

Tami Sharp has a deep understanding and knowledge of many healing modalities which she received from the award winning Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. Her focus is on Mind Body Transformational Psychology with professional training in Aromatherapy, Law of Attraction, and Confidence Building Techniques.
Tami has utilized her life experiences, trial and tribulations to create the tools that have become her life’s work. She is passionate about educating and sharing her knowledge with others. Tami believes that everyone can uncover the roots of their deeper unresolved physical, emotional, and spiritual issues.

 Certified Lifestyle Priorities Coach
Integrative Holistic Wellness Practitioner
Events Coordinator
Public/Motivational Speaker