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FAQ - Hypnotherapy

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1.  What is Hypnosis?

A natural state of mind. Waking is a state of accomplishment. Sleeping is a state of rest. Hypnosis is a state given to us for self improvement. 

2. Is Hypnosis dangerous?

There has never been a documented case of harm coming to anyone from the therapeutic use of hypnosis.  There has never been a documented case of someone unable to come out of a hypnotic state.  Returning from hypnosis is similar to waking up from a great nights sleep. 

3. What does it feel like to by hypnotized?

Hypnosis is a very pleasant feeling of complete physical and mental relaxation.  It is similar to the moment between knowing you are awake and going into the Sleep State. 

4.  Does Hypnosis weaken the will?

No. Hypnosis works with the will, not against it,. Self-hypnosis strengthens the will to achieve goals. No one can be hypnotized against his or her will.  

5. What is self-hypnosis?

Basically all hypnosis is a form of self-hypnosis.  Different techniques are applied either on your own or with a Hypnotherapist as your guide. 

6. What is the subconscious mind?

The conscious mind, the mind you are conscious of, is the critical part of your mind and only constitutes 15-20% of who you are.  The subconscious mind is the part that directs your conduct through the habits and emotional desires acquired from the influences of your environment, before you were old enough to reject harmful ideas and concepts.  Through proper use of autosuggestion during the hypnotic state you reprogram the subconscious mind to make decisions favorable to your welfare. 

7.  Who can be hypnotized?

Anyone with an open mind, reasonable intelligence and is able to concentrate, With the belief and desire you achieve results.  

8. What is hypnosis used for?

Just about anything.  Some examples:

Fears or Phobias. Health Issues (including pain management). Quitting smoking, weight issues (including dieting, eating disorders, food addictions)  Sleep (insomnia). Stress (high blood pressure, tension, anxiety) Attitude (overcome anger, negativity)  Improve performance (golf, tennis, public speaking) and much, much more. 

9. How is Hypnosis done?

You can experience hypnosis in a group setting or one on one with a Hypnotherapist.  Part of the process will include techniques for self-hypnosis so that you can cupport yourself during the changes your desire to make.

10.  Can hypnosis be done via Skype?

Yes.  Hypnosis sessions can be done via Skype as long as the client is in the appropriate environment.  If you are choosing to do a hypnosis session remotely, Please make sure you are in compliance with the following mandatory guidelines:

* You have enough time to participate in the session without interruption.  Sessions are typically between 60-90 minutes.

* You will need to be in a safe, private and quiet environment that will not have interruptions.  (phones set to silent)

* You are not to be operating machinery, or driving in a car at any time during hypnosis.  

*  Please have a comfortable chair that allows you to recline and put your feet up.  (A chair is preferred over a  bed, if possible)  

* Please make sure before your appointment that you have a steady and stable internet connection.

The client is responsible for being in compliance with this criteria. Unshakable Roots will not take responsibility nor guarantee a refund or time to reschedule if the session is interrupted because these guidelines were not properly followed by the client.  Case by case exceptions will be considered as needed.