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Unshakable roots


Unshakable Roots

Tami Sharp

Certified Intuitive Life & Healing Coach, Hypnotherapist, Integrative Holistic Wellness Practitioner. 

Specializing and Certified in: 

Mind Body Wellness, Integrative Holistic Healing, Hypnotherapy/Guided Imagery, Transformational Life Coaching, Aromatherapy, Reiki

Coaching and Hypnotherapy Sessions-

Available in person or via Skype

Please contact Tami to set up a complimentary initial consultation, approx 30 minutes, to determine if Hypnotherapy and Transformation Coaching are right for you!

Tami works with her clients to create customized packages that will allow for the greatest chances of ultimate transformational results.  As her first priority is your health and well being, pricing will be discussed in person during the consultation.  Individual sessions are available if pre-determined that is the best approach, however packages are recommended to ensure you are receiving the full benefit of services. 

Individual Hypnotherapy Sessions 

Hypnotherapy Sessions are 60-90 minutes (by appointment only)

*Package sessions do receive discounted rates*

If you are choosing to do a hypnosis session remotely, Please make sure you are in compliance with the following mandatory guidelines:

* You have enough time to participate in the session without interruption.  Sessions are typically between 60-90 minutes. 

* You will need to be in a safe, private and quiet environment that will not have interruptions.  (phones set to silent)

* You are not to be operating machinery, or driving in a car at any time during hypnosis.  
*  Please have a comfortable chair that allows you to recline and put your feet up.  (A chair is preferred over a  bed, if possible)  

* Please make sure before your appointment that you have a steady and stable internet connection. 

The client is responsible for being in compliance with this criteria. Unshakable Roots will not take responsibility nor guarantee a refund or time to reschedule if the session is interrupted because these guidelines were not properly followed by the client.  Case by case exceptions will be considered as needed. 

For the rare few that are really ready


6 Hour, 1 on 1 Intensive Coaching Session. Available in person only.  Includes a complimentary 30-60 minute follow up 30 days following session (in person or via Skype).                                                                           If you are a busy person or impatient, like myself, and you don't want to slowly get unstuck from your story over a matter of weeks or months, then this full day, 1 on 1 intensive may be what you are looking for.  This will be an intense, full day of breaking down walls, pushing past barriers/ blocks and busting you out of the story that is keeping you from living your best life.  You will work with a mix of different techniques

(personalized and customized to each individual clients specific needs).

**Please understand. This session will be intense. It will require you being brutally honest with yourself and to really dig in deep to do the work.  There will be emotions felt, expressed and honored. You will be in a safe, loving and confidential environment to go through this birthing process of a new you. We will honor the stories, break down the facts, and work to release all ties, mindsets, blocks, fears and limiting beliefs that are holding you back. This day can be energetically draining. It is recommended to take the following day off for rest, relaxation, light-hearted fun and most importantly heaps and heaps of SELF-LOVE and self-care!

30 Minute consultation. Fee waived with purchase of oils at


30 Minute Tarot or Oracle card reading. Fee waived with purchase of any coaching package.